Working Group Members
Published on: Aug 23, 2006

N'Dri T. Assié-Lumumba is a professor in the African Studies and Research Center at Cornell University and a leading scholar on higher education, gender, women and development issues. Dr. Lumumba is also the former director of the Cornell Program on Gender and Global Change, and co-founder and associate director in charge of the gender unit of the Pan-African Studies and Research Center in International Relations and Education for Development (CEPARRED), Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire).

Jorge Balán is a senior program officer in education and scholarship at the Ford Foundation. He works in the field of higher education, managing a portfolio with a focus on research and public policy. Dr. Balán is a sociologist by training and former executive director of Argentina’s National Commission on Higher Education Evaluation.  

John Brennan is the director of the Centre for Higher Education Research and Information (CHERI), and professor of higher education research at the Open University. He directs several of the Center's projects, including in 1999 the UK portion of an EU-funded project on graduate employment in Europe and a British project on the employment of part-time students. Brennan is a sociologist by training, and a founding member of the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers.

Steven Brint is a professor of sociology at the University of California, Riverside, and the director of the National Science Foundation-supported Colleges and Universities 2000 study. Brint is an authority on comparative education, American higher education, the sociology of professions, and middle-class politics.

Jose Joaquin Brunner is the director of the education program at the Fundación Chile, academic director of the School of Government at Adolfo Ibáñez University and a professor in the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (FLACSO), in Santiago, Chile. A sociologist by training, Brunner has been both an academic and a political leader. He held various ministerial positions in Chile's Cabinet, including serving as Secretary-General of the Government.

Craig Calhoun is president of the Social Science Research Council and also University Professor of the Social Sciences at New York University. Calhoun is the former dean of the University of North Carolina Graduate School and the founding director of the University Center for International Studies. His study of the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 resulted in the prize-winning book, Neither Gods Nor Emperors: Students and the Struggle for Democracy in China.

Kai-ming Cheng is a professor and chair of education at the University of Hong Kong. He was dean of education from 1992 to 1996 and pro-vice chancellor of the University of Hong Kong from 1997 to 2003. Cheng is also a visiting professor of education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Kai-ming Cheng is a mathematician by training.

Ronald G. Ehrenberg is the Irving M. Ives Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations and Economics at Cornell University and director of the Cornell Higher Education Research Institute. Dr. Ehrenberg previously served as Cornell's vice president for academic programs, planning and budgeting and now chairs the AAUP Committee on the Economic Status of the Faculty and the NRC Board on Higher Education and the Workplace.

Jürgen Enders is the director of the Center for Higher Education Policy Studies (CHEPS) and a professor at the University of Twente. Enders is also a member of the management team of the research program on institutional change of the Institute for Governance Studies at the University of Twente and a member of the board and secretary of the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers.  

Gustavo Fischman is an associate professor in the Arizona State University College of Education. He specializes in comparative and international education, gender studies in education, and the development of participatory and action-oriented research programs and actively collaborates on projects in the United States, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

Lani Guinier is the Bennett Boskey Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and co-founder of the Racetalks Initiatives, an ongoing interdisciplinary project that seeks to develop new paradigms for linking racial and gender justice to the project of building more inclusive institutions. Professor Guinier formerly served in the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice during the Carter Administration as special assistant to Assistant Attorney General Days, and was later nominated to head that same division.

Johan Heilbron is a sociologist at the Centre de Sociologie Européenne (CSE) in Paris, and at Erasmus University in Roterdam (Norbert Elias chair). His research interests include the historical sociology of the social sciences, economic sociology, and the sociology of culture and transnational cultural exchange.

Christopher Hood is the director of the Regulation of Government and Governance Program at the ESRC Center for Analysis of Risk and Regulation housed at the London School of Economics, and the Gladstone Professor of Government and Fellow of All Souls College at the University of Oxford. Hood's research interests include analysis of regulation of public-sector bodies and links between changes in regulation and changes in public management in contemporary states, and analysis of institutional factors in shaping regulation and their implications for ideas about transparency and better regulation.

Sarah Igo is an assistant professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania. She is interested in modern American cultural and intellectual history, the history of the human sciences, and the history of the public sphere. Dr. Igo is currently a visiting fellow at the Whitney Humanities Center at Yale.

Michael Kennedy is a professor of sociology, the former vice provost for international affairs, and former director of the International Institute at the University of Michigan. He also served as director of its Center for Russian and East European Studies and Program in the Comparative Study of Social Transformations. Professor Kennedy's early scholarship focused on the political sociology of Poland and now focuses on the sociology of globalizing knowledge.

David Kirp is a professor of public policy at the Goldman School of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley. A former newspaper editor, his interests range across the broad terrain of social policy. His research is informed by his experience as an acting dean of the Goldman School and the three years he spent crisscrossing the United States to understand the new marketplace ethic of higher education.

Amina Mama has served as chair of gender studies at the African Gender Institute since 1999, having previously served as director of the Institute. Prior to her appointment by the University of Cape Town, Mama held positions at international academic institutions in the Netherlands (the Institute of Social Studies, Den Haag) and Britain (the Development and Project Planning Center at the University of Bradford and the University of London).

Simon Marginson is a chair in higher education at the University of Melbourne. He is also editor of the Australian Journal of Education, fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences of Australia, and a government-funded Australian Professorial Fellow. Marginson's article with Marcela Mollis on theory and methodology in comparative education was awarded the Comparative and International Education Society's 2002 award for the outstanding contribution to the field.

Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid is the research coordinator of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), a United Nations organization. His main non-academic activities include the provision of technical advice to Latin American governments on matters of macroeconomic policy, regional integration, and trade and development. Dr. Moreno-Bird previously served as a research associate at the Harvard University David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies.

Christine Musselin is a lecturer at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris and research fellow of the Le Centre de Sociologie des Organisations. Musselin leads comparative studies on higher education systems and primarily deals with university governance, public policies on higher education and research, state-universities relationships and academic labor markets.

Deepak Nayyar is professor of economics at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and the former chancellor of the University of Delhi and chief economic adviser to the Government of India and secretary in the Ministry of Finance. Professor Nayyar is chairman of the Board of Governors of the UNU World Institute for Development Economics Research, Helsinki, and chairman of the Advisory Council for the Department of International Development, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford. Dr. Nayyar is also a member of the recently constituted National Knowledge Commission in India.

Richard Nelson is the George Blumenthal Professor of International and Public Affairs, Business, and Law, and the Henry R. Luce Professor of International Political Economy at Columbia University. His research has concentrated on the processes of long-run economic change, with particular emphasis on technological advances and on the evolution of economic institutions.

Imanol Ordorika is a professor at the Instituto de Investigaciones Economicas, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. His research focuses on the organization and governance at UNAM and the intersection of Mexican politics and history.

Brian Pusser is an assistant professor in the Center for the Study of Higher Education of the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia. His research focuses on the politics of higher education, the organization and governance of postsecondary institutions, and the role of international, national and state policies in shaping the postsecondary arena.

Diana Rhoten is the director of the Knowledge Institutions Program at the Social Science Research Council. Her primary research focuses on the social and technical conditions of interdisciplinary research and the practices and processes of integrative education and training. In addition to publishing on these topics, Rhoten works with various organizations on the design, implementation and assessment of new forms of collaborative research, work and training. For her work in this area, Rhoten has been selected as a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer (July 2005-June 2007).

Akilagpa Sawyerr is the secretary-general of the Association of African Universities (AAU). Prior to joining the AAU, Akilagpa Sawyerr was vice-chancellor of the University of Ghana, and was also president of the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA), chair of the global Development Network. Professor Sawyerr's current research focus is on globalization and higher education.

Voldemar Tomusk is the deputy director of the International Higher Education Support Program at the Open Society Institute, Budapest, where his primary responsibilities include overseeing the grant-making activities of the Soros Foundation Network related to higher education reforms in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and increasingly world-wide; coordinating OSI activities in the area of higher education policy; and coordinating OSI higher education programs with those of other international agencies and donor organizations.

Rachel Tronstein is the program coordinator of the Knowledge Institutions Program at the Social Science Research Council. Her work at the Council focuses on the role of the public sector in the creation of knowledge, and the organization and design of higher education. Rachel was active in the design of the undergraduate academic program at the University of Michigan while serving as president of the government representing liberal arts undergraduates.

Jennifer Washburn is a fellow at the New America Foundation. She is the author of University, Inc.: The Corporate Corruption of Higher Education (2005), which focuses on the commercialization of higher education in America. She has also written for publications such as The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, The Nation, Newsday, The Washington Times, Mother Jones, and the Journal of Commerce.

Paul Tiyambe Zeleza is a professor of African Studies and history at Pennsylvania State University. Zeleza's research focuses on African economic development and globalization, the development of African studies and intellectuals, constructions of gender identities, and contemporary struggles for human rights and democratization. Zeleza also works extensively in promoting African studies nationally and internationally and has worked with schoolteachers, business organizations, scholarly networks, international organizations, and the media.

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